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Omakase DASHI Tasting -Chef's Museum-
Supported by Dashi OKUME


Sunday Apr 28th, 2024, 12:00 PM - 4:00 PM


Project Farmhouse Hyatt Hotel76 E 13th St, New York, NY

Chef’s Museum: A Culinary Journey into the Heart of Ingredients!
We have all heard of Museums where art is showcased but have you heard of something similar with a showcase of cuisines? Prepare to embark on a culinary odyssey like no other at the Chef’s Museum! This is more than just an event, it's a sensory journey through the essence of each ingredient, tantalizing your taste buds and transforming your daily dishes. Every bite is a revelation, every flavor a masterpiece. Remember, you have control here and this time YOU are the chef, and this museum is your canvas for culinary creation. Can't wait to see you at your very own "Chef's Museum" !

Chef's Museum

A little more about this exciting event:

  • Dashi Tasting & Learning Section
    Get ready to embark on a culinary journey starting with seven kinds of Dashi, indulge in a feast for your taste buds! And how to appreciate its nuanced flavors.


  • Eating Section
    Unforgettable evening of exquisite flavors of Omakase authentic Japanese appetizers cooked by five different kinds of Dashi, with not only Japanese ingredients but also Western ingredients, discover the magic of Umami and elevate your everyday dishes at home!
    by Permanent Mission of Japan to the United Nations official residence chef.


  • Workshop & Lecture
    - Miso soup making workshop and Dashi Learning Lecture by Dashi Okume! Learn the essence of dashi, the umami-rich Japanese soup stock that forms the foundation of many Japanese traditional dishes and open the full of surprises to wow you! Very limited seats available. *Available to purchase workshop tickets.


  • Vendors
    Curated food and drink vendors to extend Dashi experience for your tastebuds to explore.
    - Gluten-free Soba by Uzuki
    Cooked by "Tokyo Dashi" with secret, each bite is a celebration of authentic Japanese flavors.
    - Japanese Citruses by Kankitsu Labo
    - Dashi-Onigiri by Mai Shioyama


This Chef's Museum event promises to immerse you in the rich traditions of Japanese gastronomy and healthy cuisine. Don't miss this unique experience with authentic brands and restaurants that combine the depth of dashi and the artistry of Japanese cuisine to expand to your home dishes.

More to follow! Disclaimer: Menu may change


DADHI OKUME is the first dashi (traditional Japanese seasoning broth) store in the U.S., opened in October 2022 in Brooklyn. Founded in 1871 in Japan, "Okume" is a long-established dry goods wholesaler at the Tokyo Central Wholesale Market with a history of over 150 years, based on the philosophy of "delicious food forever."
The additive-free store "Okume" was established in Tsukiji Fish Market and is loved by Michelin 3-star restaurants. The world's first made-to-order "dashi pack" (patent pending) is made by selecting your favorite ingredients at the processing area in the store, blending, grinding, filling, and attaching a label with your name on the spot. We make "the only dashi packet in the world for your family".
We have more than 200 different types of food carefully selected by connoisseurs from all over Japan, and continue to support "fish diet" that represents Japanese food culture to this day.

Welcome to the world of Soba Noodles at Uzuki, Greenpoint. We invite you to experience the best craftsmanship of 100% buckwheat noodles in the US.
Soba dishes at Uzuki will not only nourish the body and soul, but also will educate our customers of the life-sustaining nutrients of Soba noodles.
Veteran chef Shuichi Kotani puts his soba-making skills on full display at this sleek, industrial-influenced restaurant in Greenpoint. Here soba is served in what is called kake style in some circles, in which broth or sauce are served in the same bowl as the noodles, versus being placed on the side. As for the noodles themselves, this is soba in its purest form — made entirely from buckwheat flour and water, in comparison to other versions that blend buckwheat and wheat flour. The result is nuttier and more intense. Signature dishes include a warm bowl of soba in a clear duck-based shio broth, and a deluxe sashimi soba with cold, matcha-infused noodles in a dashi broth. - Featured in New York Times, Bloomberg, RESY.

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